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HOY Andrew
Sport Dressage, Eventing, Jumping
NOC Australia   
Born08 Feb 1959 in Culcairn, AUS
Height1.72 m
Human Interest
General Interest
Awards and honours He was flag bearer for Australia at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Equestrian Games [WEG] in Tryon, NC, United States of America. (, 01 Sep 2018)

He was inducted into the Equestrian Australia Hall of Fame in 2015. (, 01 Sep 2018)

He was inducted into Australia's Sporting Hall of Fame in 2001. (Sport Australia, 14 Jul 2006)

He was flag bearer for Australia at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. (16 Days in Atlanta, 2004)

In 1993 he was presented with the Medal of the Order of Australia [OAM]. (, 01 Jan 2012)
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He first rode at age six in Culcairn, NSW, Australia. By the following year he was competing on a horse borrowed from his uncle.
Further Personal Information
Languages English, German
General Interest
He saw the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo as an opportunity to improve the training of his horses and team members. "The events of 2020 have really allowed me to focus on the basics with all of the horses at our base, Somerby Stables. The foundation work I'd normally do in winter I've been able to extend through lockdown and into summer, which has been really beneficial. It's also given me the opportunity to work with my team of seven at home and help them understand why I do things a particular way, bettering their skillset. They now have a better appreciation for the range of work I do with each horse to lead them to become well-rounded athletes. I just thought, 'All right I've got another 12 months. What do I have to do in the next 12 months to make sure that I've got the performances to be selected for Tokyo in 2021?'" (, 01 Aug 2020;, 30 Sep 2020)

He has lived in England since the 1990s. In December 2013 he moved to Somerby Stables in Leicestershire, England. "I came to England after one of my Olympics which was in Barcelona in 1992. We won gold. Prior to that I was farming in Australia and riding as a hobby. With the success in Barcelona, it gave me the confidence to be able to think, 'Well, I'm going to do this full-time'. So, I wanted to be in the hub of the sport. I saw the place in early December 2013 - it suited all of my needs and I was able to rent the whole facility so we moved in on New Year's Eve. It's really designed as a facility where I can have students and where people can train with me here." (, 19 Jul 2021;, 03 Jun 2021; AUS Olympic Team YouTube channel, 24 May 2020;, 01 Jun 2015)

In January 2020 he became an ambassador of the Equestrian Fire Relief Australia Fund. "To see my home country going up in flames, to see the suffering of people, wildlife and all other animals is just devastating. The Australian equestrian community so urgently needs the help of the international equestrian community - financially, but also morally. I hope with this campaign we will be able to make a difference, show our support and get much-needed finances to the people affected." (, 11 Jan 2020;, 10 Jan 2020)
Hero / Idol Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, Australian Moto GP rider Casey Stoner, Australian road cyclist Cadel Evans. (, 01 Jan 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto "What I really enjoy is working with each horse and getting to know their personality. Sitting on them myself, rather than having someone else do it for me, doing a lot of work from the ground and different forms of cross-training, which we have to do for fitness anyway. That way, I know their personality and I know what each horse finds difficult or easy. What I'm looking for when we are in competition is harmony, and that's how we get it. My desire is the passion for the horse, to work with the horse. I've got one word that describes what I want to achieve and that is harmony." (, 04 Oct 2018;, 01 Aug 2020)
Further Personal Information
Residence Somerby, ENG
Occupation Athlete, Business Owner, Coach, Horse Trainer
Last Update
  31 May 2022
Sport Specific Information
Club / Team Somerby Stables: England
General Interest
Nicknames Hoy Boy (, 09 Jan 2015)
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? "One thing that has contributed to my riding was that I grew up on a farm and chased sheep and cattle around a paddock. As a child, I borrowed a pony from my uncle and started riding around the farm which led to me starting Pony Club, campdrafting [working cattle on horseback] and I had a short career in rodeo riding. [And then] I started riding in equestrian events."
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievement Winning gold in the team event at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. (, 24 Jul 2020)
Milestones At the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo he became the oldest Australian athlete to win a medal at the Olympic Games. At age 62 he claimed bronze in the individual eventing competition and silver in the team competition. The Games were his eighth, a record for an Australian at the Olympic Games from any sport. (SportsDeskOnline, 31 Aug 2021;, 13 Aug 2021)
Most influential person in career His wife Stefanie. (, 07 Jul 2022)
Famous relatives His great-grandfather P.T. Heywood trained the 1919 Melbourne Cup winning racehorse Artilleryman. (, 01 Jan 2020; Twitter profile, 05 Nov 2019)

Major Results
Olympic Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2012 OG-C London (GBR) RUTHERGLEN 13 6
2004 OG-C Athens (GRE) MR PRACATAN 57 6
2000 OG-C Sydney NSW (AUS) Swizzle In/Darien Powers 1 1
2000 OG-C Sydney NSW (AUS) Swizzle In/Darien Powers 2 1
1996 OG-C Atlanta GA (USA) DARIEN POWERS 1 1
1996 OG-C Atlanta GA (USA) Gershwin 11  
1992 OG-C Barcelona (ESP) kiwi 5 1
1988 OG-C Seoul (KOR) Kiwi 8 5
1984 OG-C Los Angeles CA (USA) Davey 15 5
World Equestrian Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2006 5th WEG-C Aachen (GER) MASTER MONARCH 22 3
2002 4th WEG-C Jerez de la Frontera (ESP) MOONFLEET EL 4
1990 1st WEG-C Stockholm (SWE) Kiwi RET 9
World Cup Final
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2005 CIC-W Final Malmö (SWE) MR PRACATAN 2  
Other Events
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2013 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER) RUTHERGLEN WD  
2012 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER) RUTHERGLEN 6  
2012 CCI4*-HSBC Lexington KY (USA) RUTHERGLEN 17  
2009 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER) GRAND JOCA EL  
2008 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER) MOONFLEET 4  
2008 CCI4*-HSBC Badminton (GBR) MOONFLEET EL  
2008 CCI4*-HSBC Burghley (GBR) MOONFLEET RET  
2007 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MASTER MONARCH 3  
2007 CCI4* Luhmühlen (GER) CLASSY TOUCH 14  
2006 CCI4* Lexington KY (USA) MASTER MONARCH 1  
2006 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) MOONFLEET 1  
2006 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MOONFLEET 2  
2006 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MR PRACATAN 5  
2006 CCI4* Lexington KY (USA) EXQUIS YEOMAN’S POINT 9  
2006 CCI4* Luhmühlen (GER) CLASSY TOUCH 12  
2006 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) MR PRACATAN 15  
2005 CCI4*-SC Badminton (GBR) MASTER MONARCH 3  
2005 CCI4*-SC Badminton (GBR) MR PRACATAN 6  
2005 CCI4*-SC Burghley (GBR) MR PRACATAN 6  
2005 CCI4*-SC Lexington KY (USA) EXQUIS YEOMAN’S POINT 8  
2005 CCI4* Luhmühlen (GER) MOONFLEET 11  
2005 CCI4*-SC Lexington KY (USA) MOONFLEET EL  
2005 CCI4*-SC Burghley (GBR) MASTER MONARCH WD  
2004 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MOONFLEET 1  
2004 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MASTER MONARCH 4  
2004 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) MR PRACATAN 5  
2003 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) MR PRACATAN 7  
2003 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MASTER MONARCH 9  
2003 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) MOONFLEET 26  
2002 CCI4* Burghley (GBR) MR PRACATAN 4  
2002 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) DARIEN POWERS 8  

Current Results
Date Venue Competition Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
26.06.2014 to 29.06.2014 CIC1* Strzegom (POL)   QUIZZICAL 40  
26.06.2014 to 29.06.2014 CCI3* Strzegom (POL)   CHEEKY CALIMBO RET  
12.06.2014 to 15.06.2014 CIC3* Luhmühlen (GER)   CHEEKY CALIMBO 1  
12.06.2014 to 15.06.2014 CCI4* Luhmühlen (GER)   RUTHERGLEN 11  
06.06.2014 to 09.06.2014 CIC3* Wiesbaden (GER)   RUTHERGLEN 2  
29.05.2014 to 01.06.2014 CIC2* Kreuth (GER)   RUTHERGLEN EL  
22.05.2014 to 25.05.2014 CIC2* Saumur (FRA)   RUTHERGLEN 2  
22.05.2014 to 25.05.2014 CCI3* Saumur (FRA)   CHEEKY CALIMBO RET  
04.04.2014 to 06.04.2014 CIC2* Belton (GBR)   ORLEANS 59  
10.10.2013 to 13.10.2013 CCIO3* Boekelo (NED)   CHEEKY CALIMBO WD 10
15.08.2013 to 18.08.2013 CCI2* Le Pin au Haras (FRA)   CHEEKY CALIMBO 2  
02.08.2013 to 04.08.2013 CIC3* Gatcombe Park (GBR)   CHEEKY CALIMBO 4  
25.06.2013 to 30.06.2013 CICO3* Aachen (GER)   CHEEKY CALIMBO 30 4
13.06.2013 to 16.06.2013 CIC3* Luhmühlen (GER)   CHEEKY CALIMBO 10  
13.06.2013 to 16.06.2013 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER)   RUTHERGLEN WD  
23.05.2013 to 26.05.2013 CICO3* Houghton Hall (GBR)   CHEEKY CALIMBO 13  
23.05.2013 to 26.05.2013 CICO3* Houghton Hall (GBR)   RUTHERGLEN 15 3
11.05.2013 to 12.05.2013 CIC3* Chatsworth (GBR)   RUTHERGLEN 14  
28.07.2012 to 09.08.2012 Olympic Games-C London (GBR)   RUTHERGLEN   6
Abbreviation Meaning
DNF Did Not Finish
DNS Did Not Start
DNQ Did Not Qualify
DSQ Disqualified
FNR Finished No Rank
RET Retired
WDW Withdrawal

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