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Sport Eventing
NOC Netherlands   
Born07 May 1971
Height1.68 m
Human Interest
Last Update
  08 Sep 2020
Further Personal Information
Residence Biddinghuizen, NED
Occupation Athlete, Business Owner, Coach, Horse Trainer
Languages Dutch, English
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She began riding before she could walk.
Why this sport? She grew up on a farm and her father competed internationally so it was natural for her to take up the sport. "As a young girl I didn't like dressage that much. I trained with Henk van Bergen once a week and I thought that was great, but I was happier when I could jump."
Club / Team Stal Naber-Lozeman: Biddinghuizen, NED
General Interest
Injuries In August 2018 she bruised several ribs in a training accident in Bruges, Belgium. (Facebook profile, 21 Aug 2018, 19 Aug 2018)
Sporting philosophy / motto "For me, horse riding is mainly about the pleasure I experience. There is always something to learn and improve." (, 06 Jun 2019)
Awards and honours In 2014 and 2016 she was named Sportswoman of the Year in Dronten, Netherlands. (, 27 Jan 2017;, 23 Jan 2015)
Famous relatives Her husband Gert Naber and her brother Gert-Jan Lozeman have both represented the Netherlands in eventing. Her daughter Leida has participated in eventing at national junior level, while her other daughter Jantien has competed in pony jumping at national youth level. Her father Gerrit Lozeman competed in eventing and qualified for the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, but did not go due to the boycott. (, 01 Jan 2019; Facebook profile, 11 Aug 2018;, 11 Jul 2017; SportsDeskOnline, 01 Feb 2016;, 11 Oct 2002)
Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. ( 16 Oct 2019)
Other information STABLES
She and her husband Gert run Stal Naber-Lozeman in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands. They offer group lessons and clinics at the facility. (Facebook page, 07 Jan 2021; Facebook team page, 22 Nov 2020;, 06 Jun 2020)

In 2004 she published the book 'Basisboek Eventing' in which she talks about the sport and her training routine, as well as providing tips to other riders. (, 01 Jan 2018)

Major Results
Continental Championships and Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2003 CH-EU-C3* Punchestown (IRL) ROYAL KIWI 31  
2001 CH-EU-C3* Pau (FRA) Private Xpresse Royal 33  
Other Events
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2002 CCI4* Badminton (GBR) ROYAL KIWI 39  

Current Results
Date Venue Competition Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
12.06.2014 to 15.06.2014 CIC3* Luhmühlen (GER)   HARRY BELAFONTE 17  
12.06.2014 to 15.06.2014 CCI4* Luhmühlen (GER)   ACSI PETER PARKER RET  
23.05.2014 to 24.05.2014 CIC2* Maarsbergen (NED)   HARRY BELAFONTE 3  
23.05.2014 to 24.05.2014 CIC1* Maarsbergen (NED)   WISEGUY EL  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CIC3* Marbach (GER)   ACSI PETER PARKER 20  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CIC3* Marbach (GER)   HARRY BELAFONTE 45  
25.04.2014 to 27.04.2014 CIC1* Oudkarspel (NED)   CORAL ESTATE CURACAO 2  
25.04.2014 to 27.04.2014 CIC2* Oudkarspel (NED)   HARRY BELAFONTE 18  
25.04.2014 to 27.04.2014 CIC2* Oudkarspel (NED)   ACSI PETER PARKER EL  
02.04.2014 to 02.04.2014 CIC2* Luhmühlen (GER)   HARRY BELAFONTE 23  
02.04.2014 to 02.04.2014 CIC2* Luhmühlen (GER)   ACSI PETER PARKER EL  
10.10.2013 to 13.10.2013 CCIO3* Boekelo (NED)   ACSI PETER PARKER 13 9
20.09.2013 to 22.09.2013 CIC2* Varsseveld (NED)   ACSI PETER PARKER 2  
20.09.2013 to 22.09.2013 CIC2* Varsseveld (NED)   HARRY BELAFONTE WD  
20.09.2013 to 22.09.2013 CIC1* Varsseveld (NED)   CORAL ESTATE CURACAO WD  
24.08.2013 to 25.08.2013 CIC2* Helvoirt (NED)   HARRY BELAFONTE 6  
24.08.2013 to 25.08.2013 CIC1* Helvoirt (NED)   CORAL ESTATE CURACAO 31  
15.08.2013 to 18.08.2013 CCI2* Le Pin au Haras (FRA)   ACSI PETER PARKER WD  
17.07.2013 to 21.07.2013 CIC2* Laintal (AUT)   ACSI PETER PARKER 1  
17.07.2013 to 21.07.2013 CIC2* Laintal (AUT)   HARRY BELAFONTE 11  
05.06.2013 to 09.06.2013 CCI2* Renswoude (NED)   HARRY BELAFONTE 2  
05.06.2013 to 09.06.2013 CIC3* Renswoude (NED)   ACSI PETER PARKER 2  
24.05.2013 to 25.05.2013 CIC1* Maarsbergen (NED)   AYO 2  
24.05.2013 to 25.05.2013 CIC2* Maarsbergen (NED)   HARRY BELAFONTE 4  
17.05.2013 to 20.05.2013 CIC3* Wiesbaden (GER)   ACSI PETER PARKER 13  
14.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC2* Bredeneek (GER)   ACSI PETER PARKER 4  
14.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC2* Bredeneek (GER)   HARRY BELAFONTE 23  
21.03.2013 to 24.03.2013 CIC1* Fontainebleau (FRA)   ACSI PETER PARKER 1  
21.03.2013 to 24.03.2013 CICO3* Fontainebleau (FRA)   CORAL ESTATE MITOK 14 4
11.10.2012 to 14.10.2012 CCIO3*-NC Boekelo (NED)   ACSI PETER PARKER   4
Abbreviation Meaning
DNF Did Not Finish
DNS Did Not Start
DNQ Did Not Qualify
DSQ Disqualified
FNR Finished No Rank
RET Retired
WDW Withdrawal

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