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Sport Eventing, Jumping
NOC Germany   
Born27 Dec 1986 in Delmenhorst, FRG
Height1.70 m
Human Interest
Last Update
  17 Jan 2019
Further Personal Information
Residence Ganderkesee, GER
Occupation Athlete, Coach, Horse Trainer
Languages English, German
Higher education Fitness and Exercise Management, Sport Studies - German Equestrian Federation: Warendorf, GER
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? Her earliest memory is riding a horse at age three. Originally, she wanted to compete in jumping, but her mother was against her specialising early in her career and insisted that she learn dressage too.
Why this sport? She grew up on her family's farm and has been riding since she was a small child. "At the beginning I would rather play with the horses. I did vaulting for a time, which was a lot of fun. To me, eventing means confidence, action and fun. In our sport the interaction between rider and horse is great. When you reach the finish line [of the cross-country], there is an incomparable feeling that you cannot experience in other equestrian sports."
Club / Team Stall Auffarth [GER] / RV Ganderkesee [GER]:
Name of coach Marcus Doring [jumping]
General Interest
Hobbies Swimming, going to the cinema. (, 15 Jul 2015)
Memorable sporting achievement Winning two gold medals at the 2014 World Equestrian Games [WEG] in Normandy, France. (, 25 Apr 2018)
Hero / Idol German equestrian Marcus Ehning. (, 25 Apr 2018)
Injuries In 2016 she suffered a bruised hip after a fall on the cross-country phase at an event in Wiesbaden, Germany. (, 14 May 2016)
Sporting philosophy / motto "I like to plan ahead, but if something comes up then it's not so bad. I just plan to adapt." (, 11 Aug 2010)
Awards and honours She was presented with the Silbernen Lorbeerblatt [Silver Laurel Leaf] in recognition of her achievements at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. (, 08 Nov 2012)
Other sports She competed in equestrian jumping at the 2019 World Cup event in Leipzig, Germany. (, 16 Jan 2019)
Famous relatives Her father Karl-Heinz Auffarth is a former elite rider and recognised horse breeder. (, 15 Jul 2015)
Other information STABLES
Her father Karl-Heinz and her mother Barbel run the Stall Auffarth breeding farm in Ganderkesee-Bergedorf, Germany. She has grown up playing an active role in the running of the centre, including the training and selling of horses. (, 18 Jun 2019;, 11 Aug 2010)

Major Results
Olympic Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2012 OG-C London (GBR) OPGUN LOUVO 3 1
Continental Championships and Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2011 CH-EU-C3* Luhmühlen (GER) OPGUN LOUVO 2 1
2009 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) OPGUN LOUVO 3  
2007 CH-EU-Y-C2* Blair Castle (GBR) NOBEL PRINCE OLD RET 3
2006 CH-EU-Y-C2* Pardubice (CZE) CARLOS 205 21 3
Other Events
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2013 CCI4*-HSBC Badminton (GBR) OPGUN LOUVO 4  
2011 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER) OPGUN LOUVO 2  

Current Results
Date Venue Competition Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
26.06.2014 to 29.06.2014 CIC1* Strzegom (POL)   THALIA L'AMAURIAL 2  
26.06.2014 to 29.06.2014 CICO3*-NC Strzegom (POL)   OPGUN LOUVO 3 1
26.06.2014 to 29.06.2014 CIC1* Strzegom (POL)   LIMETID EDITION 9  
26.06.2014 to 29.06.2014 CIC1* Strzegom (POL)   CORONA 94 16  
12.06.2014 to 15.06.2014 CIC3* Luhmühlen (GER)   OPGUN LOUVO WD  
12.06.2014 to 15.06.2014 CIC3* Luhmühlen (GER)   THE BLUE FRONTIER EL  
17.05.2014 to 18.05.2014 CIC1* Everswinkel (GER)   KILIAN 65 15  
17.05.2014 to 18.05.2014 CIC1* Everswinkel (GER)   CORONA 94 18  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CIC3* Marbach (GER)   OPGUN LOUVO 2  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CIC3* Marbach (GER)   THE BLUE FRONTIER 24  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CIC1* Marbach (GER)   LIMETID EDITION 29  
02.04.2014 to 02.04.2014 CIC2* Luhmühlen (GER)   OPGUN LOUVO 15  
02.04.2014 to 02.04.2014 CIC2* Luhmühlen (GER)   THE BLUE FRONTIER 31  
13.09.2013 to 15.09.2013 CIC2* Langenhagen (GER)   THE BLUE FRONTIER 1  
13.09.2013 to 15.09.2013 CIC1* Langenhagen (GER)   KILIAN 65 1  
19.07.2013 to 21.07.2013 CIC2* Hünxe (GER)   THE BLUE FRONTIER 27  
25.06.2013 to 30.06.2013 CICO3* Aachen (GER)   OPGUN LOUVO 2 1
03.05.2013 to 06.05.2013 CCI4*-HSBC Badminton (GBR)   OPGUN LOUVO 4  
21.03.2013 to 24.03.2013 CICO3* Fontainebleau (FRA)   OPGUN LOUVO 2  
28.07.2012 to 09.08.2012 Olympic Games-C London (GBR)   OPGUN LOUVO   1
03.07.2012 to 08.07.2012 CICO3*-NC Aachen (GER)   OPGUN LOUVO   1
31.05.2012 to 03.06.2012 CICO3*-W-NC Strzegom (POL)   PARANCS   1
Abbreviation Meaning
DNF Did Not Finish
DNS Did Not Start
DNQ Did Not Qualify
DSQ Disqualified
FNR Finished No Rank
RET Retired
WDW Withdrawal

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