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Sport Eventing
NOC Netherlands   
Born18 Jun 1975 in Hong Kong, HKG
Height1.71 m
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Manchester, ENG
Occupation Athlete, Business Owner, Coach, Horse Trainer
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? He thought the sport looked exciting.
General Interest
Hero / Idol New Zealand equestrian Mark Todd. (Athlete, 03 Jul 2012)
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He began riding at age 16 in Somerset, England.
Further Personal Information
Languages English
General Interest
Nicknames Andy, The Heff (, 16 Oct 2014; Athlete, 03 Jul 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Be positive." (Athlete, 03 Jul 2012)
Last Update
  22 Sep 2021
General Interest
Other information STABLES
He owns AH Eventing, which is based at Somerford Park Farm near Congleton, England. He offers training and full livery at the facility. (Facebook page, 30 Jul 2022;, 15 Sep 2020)

In December 2019 he was appointed national coach of Dutch eventing riders. "If I'm honest, my biggest focus is the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. I want to get a team there that can really accomplish something. On top of that I hope to create a more competitive spirit within the riders, so that we can really achieve the goals that we set out to achieve." (, 03 Sep 2020;, 24 May 2020;, 13 Dec 2019)

He has been involved in the design of eventing courses at the Bradwall Horse Trials and Somerford Park Horse Trials in England. (, 29 Apr 2020;, 22 Apr 2019)
Sport Specific Information
Club / Team AH Eventing: England

Major Results
Olympic Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2012 OG-C London (GBR) MILLTHYME COROLLA 33 11
Continental Championships and Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2011 CH-EU-C3* Luhmühlen (GER) MILLTHYME COROLLA 27  
2011 CH-M-YH-CCI1* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) BOLEYBAWN ACE 34  
2010 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) MILLTHYME COROLLA 28  
2008 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) NEWTON DE LA LOVE 33  
2008 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) CAVALIERS DREAM 47  
2007 CH-M-YH-CCI1* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) NEWTON DE LA LOVE 2  

Current Results
Date Venue Competition Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
05.06.2014 to 08.06.2014 CCI3* Bramham (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 11  
31.05.2014 to 01.06.2014 CIC1* Brand Hall (GBR)   LAWLESS LIL 5  
31.05.2014 to 01.06.2014 CIC1* Brand Hall (GBR)   JIMMYS HOPE 14  
17.05.2014 to 18.05.2014 CIC3* Chatsworth (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 14  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CCI4* Badminton (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA 21  
19.03.2014 to 23.03.2014 CICO3*-NC Fontainebleau (FRA)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 25  
19.03.2014 to 23.03.2014 CICO3*-NC Fontainebleau (FRA)   MILLTHYME COROLLA 26 2
12.09.2013 to 15.09.2013 CIC3* Blenheim (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 44  
29.08.2013 to 01.09.2013 CH-EU-C3* Malmö (SWE)   MILLTHYME COROLLA 37 9
16.08.2013 to 18.08.2013 CIC2* Somerford Park (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 3  
08.08.2013 to 11.08.2013 CIC3* Hartpury (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA WD  
04.07.2013 to 07.07.2013 CIC3* Barbury Castle (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 20  
04.07.2013 to 07.07.2013 CIC3* Barbury Castle (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA 30  
06.06.2013 to 09.06.2013 CIC3* Bramham (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA RET  
23.05.2013 to 26.05.2013 CCI2* Houghton Hall (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 42  
23.05.2013 to 26.05.2013 CICO3* Houghton Hall (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA WD 6
11.05.2013 to 12.05.2013 CIC3* Chatsworth (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA 3  
11.05.2013 to 12.05.2013 CIC3* Chatsworth (GBR)   BOLEYBAWN ACE 18  
12.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC3* Belton (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA 48  
11.10.2012 to 14.10.2012 CCIO3*-NC Boekelo (NED)   MILLTHYME COROLLA   4
28.07.2012 to 09.08.2012 Olympic Games-C London (GBR)   MILLTHYME COROLLA   11
22.03.2012 to 25.03.2012 CICO3*-NC Fontainebleau (FRA)   MILLTHYME COROLLA   2
Abbreviation Meaning
DNF Did Not Finish
DNS Did Not Start
DNQ Did Not Qualify
DSQ Disqualified
FNR Finished No Rank
RET Retired
WDW Withdrawal

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