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Sport Dressage, Eventing
NOC Sweden   
Born24 Aug 1990 in Stockholm, SWE
Height1.84 m
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Stockholm, SWE
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? "I wanted to ride but I was very scared. My parents questioned if I really wanted to do it. They even thought it would be better if I played football. Until age 10, I was terrified of horses. Then it turned around and I became more serious about my riding when I was about age 14. I think I just naturally overcame my fear."
When and where did you begin this sport? He took up the sport at age seven at a riding school in Stockholm, Sweden.
Further Personal Information
Languages English, Swedish
General Interest
Other information TOKYO WITHDRAWAL
He was forced to withdraw from cross-country during the competition at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo because he noticed that his horse Balham Mist was unwell. "I am heartbroken to withdraw Balham Mist from the remainder of the Olympics. He did a good test today and after transferring to the overnight stables by the cross-country we noticed that he wasn't feeling 100%. To compete at the Olympics is my biggest dream since childhood and we've been preparing for this for the last five years. I was incredibly excited about the cross-country tomorrow, which is Misty's forte and this tough track seemed as if it was built for him. It's gutting to let the team down and to not continue but Misty means the world to me." (, 01 Aug 2021)

He has served as a board member, chief operating officer, and digital officer with the management consultancy firm, Svennerstal Leadership Group. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. (LinkedIn profile, 15 May 2022, 01 Oct 2020;, 01 Jun 2020)

In 2009 he relocated from Stockholm, Sweden, to England to train with Christopher Bartle. In 2014 he moved to the base of New Zealand eventer Mark Todd, also in England. (, 09 Dec 2017)
Further Personal Information
Occupation Consultant, Student
Last Update
  13 Jun 2022
General Interest
Awards and honours He was named Eventing Rider of the Year at the 2017 Swedish Equestrian Gala. (, 24 Feb 2017)

He was named Rising Star at the 2013 Event Riders Association Gala in Cirencester, England. (, 28 Sep 2014)

He was named Rising Star at the 2012 Swedish Equestrian Gala. (Facebook page, 20 Jul 2016)
Famous relatives His younger sister Ellen has represented Sweden in eventing. She was part of the national squad that was ranked seventh at the 2013 European Youth Championships in Marnes-la-Coquette, France. His partner Imogen Campbell-Gray has also competed in eventing at an elite level, including the 2020 Barroca d'Alva CCI2* event in Portugal. (, 02 Dec 2020; SportsDeskOnline, 29 Jul 2016;, 06 May 2016)
Hero / Idol Swedish eventer Tobias Gronberg, New Zealand eventer Mark Todd, German eventers Ingrid Klimke and Michael Jung. (, 08 Sep 2015)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Don't have an argument with a horse. Instead, find a nice way to deal with a problem. If you aren't in a good mood, do something else and ride the next day." (, 18 Apr 2016)
Nicknames Ludde (, 28 Aug 2017)
Hobbies Skiing. (, 01 Jan 2020)

Major Results
Olympic Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2012 OG-C London (GBR) SHAMWARI 4 20 4
Continental Championships and Games
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2013 CH-EU-C3* Malmö (SWE) SHAMWARI 4 10 2
2013 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) CATANIA 104 WD  
2011 CH-EU-Y-C2* Blair Castle (GBR) SHAMWARI 4 21  
2010 CH-EU-Y-C2* Pardubice (CZE) KING BOB 19  
2010 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA) ALEXANDER 22  
2008 CH-EU-J-C1* Thirlestane (GBR) THELMA 22 7
2007 CH-EU-J-C1* Avenches (SUI) THELMA 16 2
Other Events
Year Venue Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
2013 CCI4*-HSBC Burghley (GBR) KING BOB 9  
2013 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER) KING BOB 11  
2013 CCI4*-HSBC Badminton (GBR) ALEXANDER WD  
2011 CCI4*-HSBC Pau (FRA) KING BOB 37  
2011 CCI4*-HSBC Burghley (GBR) KING BOB EL  

Current Results
Date Venue Competition Horse Ind. Rank Team Rank
03.07.2014 to 06.07.2014 CIC2* Barbury Castle (GBR)   ALEXANDER 36  
03.07.2014 to 06.07.2014 CIC3* Barbury Castle (GBR)   ALEXANDER 36  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CCI4* Badminton (GBR)   ALEXANDER 8  
08.05.2014 to 11.05.2014 CCI4* Badminton (GBR)   KING BOB EL  
17.04.2014 to 19.04.2014 CIC3* Burnham Market (GBR)   ALEXANDER WD  
17.04.2014 to 19.04.2014 CIC3* Burnham Market (GBR)   KING BOB WD  
04.04.2014 to 06.04.2014 CIC3* Belton (GBR)   ALEXANDER 9  
04.04.2014 to 06.04.2014 CIC3* Belton (GBR)   KING BOB 49  
23.10.2013 to 27.10.2013 CCI4*-HSBC Pau (FRA)   SHAMWARI 4 EL  
17.10.2013 to 20.10.2013 CH-M-YH-CCI2* Le Lion d'Angers (FRA)   CATANIA 104 WD  
05.09.2013 to 08.09.2013 CCI4*-HSBC Burghley (GBR)   KING BOB 8  
29.08.2013 to 01.09.2013 CH-EU-C3* Malmö (SWE)   SHAMWARI 4 10 2
15.08.2013 to 18.08.2013 CCI2* Le Pin au Haras (FRA)   CATANIA 104 17  
02.08.2013 to 04.08.2013 CIC3* Gatcombe Park (GBR)   KING BOB 11  
02.08.2013 to 04.08.2013 CIC3* Gatcombe Park (GBR)   SHAMWARI 4 14  
04.07.2013 to 07.07.2013 CIC2* Barbury Castle (GBR)   SHAMWARI 4 3  
04.07.2013 to 07.07.2013 CIC2* Barbury Castle (GBR)   CATANIA 104 6  
13.06.2013 to 16.06.2013 CCI4*-HSBC Luhmühlen (GER)   KING BOB 11  
17.05.2013 to 19.05.2013 CIC2* Rockingham (GBR)   CATANIA 104 40  
17.05.2013 to 19.05.2013 CIC2* Rockingham (GBR)   SHAMWARI 4 WD  
11.05.2013 to 12.05.2013 CIC3* Chatsworth (GBR)   TEMPRANILLO 42  
03.05.2013 to 06.05.2013 CCI4*-HSBC Badminton (GBR)   ALEXANDER WD  
12.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC3* Belton (GBR)   ALEXANDER 6  
12.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC2* Belton (GBR)   CATANIA 104 7  
12.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC2* Belton (GBR)   ULTIMATE LUX 24  
12.04.2013 to 14.04.2013 CIC3* Belton (GBR)   TEMPRANILLO 55  
28.03.2013 to 30.03.2013 CIC2* Burnham Market (GBR)   CATANIA 104 4  
21.03.2013 to 24.03.2013 CICO3* Fontainebleau (FRA)   ALEXANDER 7  
21.03.2013 to 24.03.2013 CICO3* Fontainebleau (FRA)   TEMPRANILLO 51  
28.07.2012 to 09.08.2012 Olympic Games-C London (GBR)   SHAMWARI 4   4
03.07.2012 to 08.07.2012 CICO3*-NC Aachen (GER)   SHAMWARI 4   3
Abbreviation Meaning
DNF Did Not Finish
DNS Did Not Start
DNQ Did Not Qualify
DSQ Disqualified
FNR Finished No Rank
RET Retired
WDW Withdrawal

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